WG-HG Laser Won Hubei Province science and Technology Progress Award 2019

June 12, 2020, the science and technology Award conference of Hubei Province was held in Wuhan .In order to honor scientific and technological personnel and organizations As an authoritative manufacturer of large-sized high-power laser equipment providing surface treatment and remanufacturing application solutions, WG-HG Laser and Huazhong National Engineering Research Center for Science and Technology Laser Processing jointly declared the project result "High-power semiconductor laser remanufacturing Equipment and Application" and won the second prize of scientific and Technological Progress.
The project of "high-power semiconductor laser remanufacturing Equipment and Application" can effectively solve the problem of repairing large failed parts in different industrial fields, such as energy power generation, automobile steel, petrochemical industry, Marine aviation, etc., so that the failed parts can be restored to size and work normally, greatly saving the cost of purchasing new equipment and parts. Moreover, the parts repaired by laser surface treatment technology are more wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, thus greatly increasing the service life of the parts, which is of great significance to China's circular economy and environmental manufacturing.

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