Introduction to the development of laser cleaning technology

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Traditional surface treatment uses mechanical, hydrocarbon, pickling and other processes to clean, deburr, degrease, and deoxidize the surface of the workpiece. Chemical solutions are used in the treatment process, which produces a large amount of waste water and waste gas, which seriously pollutes the environment.

With the rapid economic development, the demand for cleaning in industries such as molds, microelectronics, mechanical parts, urban construction, and large-scale equipment is also increasing day by day. Traditional cleaning processes (such as sandblasting, polishing, chemical agents, etc.) have high pollution and low efficiency, which are insufficient to meet the needs of market development and environmental protection. The development of more efficient, more environmentally friendly, stress-free, and damage-free laser cleaning technology is imminent. , Breaking through the bottleneck of the core technology of laser cleaning has become a top priority.