Introduction to the principle of laser cleaning

The laser is characterized by high directivity, monochromaticity, high coherence and high brightness. Through the lens, the energy can be concentrated into a small space and time range. In the laser cleaning process, the following characteristics of the laser are mainly used:

1. The laser can achieve a high concentration of energy in time and space. The focused laser beam can generate thousands of degrees or even tens of thousands of degrees in the vicinity of the focus, so that the dirt can instantly evaporate, gasify or decompose.

2. The divergence angle of the laser beam is small and the directivity is good. The laser beam can be condensed into spots of different diameters through the focusing system. Under the same conditions of laser energy, control laser beam spots with different diameters.

3. The energy density of the laser can be adjusted to make the dirt expand by heat. When the expansion force of the dirt is greater than the adsorption force of the dirt to the substrate, the dirt will be separated from the surface of the object.

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