WuHan WISCO-HGLaser Large Scale Equipment co.,Ltd

WuHan WISCO-HGLaser Large Scale Equipment co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly established by WISCO Engineering Technology Group and HG Laser, which is devoted to providing solutions of laser surface treatment and remanufacturing integrated application(process development, equipment manufacturing, technical services). The company's products involve the pillar industries of the national economy such as steel, electric power, petrochemical, machinery and national defense, which comply with the national green economy development strategy of energy conservation, environmental protection, consumption reduction and cycle remanufacturing.

The company's main products and business:

[1] Laser surface treatment and remanufacturing equipment (500-20000W laser cladding/quenching equipment, laser 3D printing equipment, 50-2000W laser cleaning equipment, roll laser texturing equipment).

[2] Laser surface advanced manufacturing materials and process development and provide application solutions(Laser quenching, laser alloying, laser cladding, laser 3D printing, laser cleaning, laser texturing).

[3] External laser processing services(Processing materials, on-site mobile processing, the establishment of processing station).

[4] The sale and service of laser equipment spare parts.

[5] Laser surface treatment&remanufacturing counseling and demonstration projects and other diversified services. The products and processes developed by the company have obtained a number of national patents and are widely used in aerospace, metallurgy, automotive, light industrial molds, machinery, petrochemical, electric power, railway transportation, shipbuilding, scientific research and teaching, etc., which have achieved remarkable economic and social benefits.

The company relies on the abundant resource advantages and brand influence of China Baowu Wuhan Steel Group Co., Ltd., one of the most influential enterprises in the global steel industry. Inherited the service tenet of Wuhan HG Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. “Using advanced laser technology to transform traditional industries”. Combined Baowu’s market advantage and industry influence, as well as HG Laser’s industry leading position and strong technical talents, achieved strong cooperation, and committed to build a world-class high-power laser equipment R&D and manufacturing, application development and technical service providers, to achieve the "higher glory for manufacturing" business philosophy.

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