Why Choose Us

WISCO-HGlaser dispatches technicians and training lecturers to escort you all the way.

We will provide comprehensive and systematic training for the technicians dispatched by our clients, so as to better meet the technological requirements of laser project. During the practical operation of technical personnel, our training instructors will continue

Quick response: one step, long-term application

Building five user guarantees: training system

Building a dedicated expert team: front line engineers, one-to-one guidance

Planning specific training courses: targeted and quick control

Multi-dimensional knowledge supply: operation, maintenance and all in one

Focusing on the practical operation of real machine: system digestion and application of learning

Comprehensive and rich training courses followed by experts and lecturers

We hope that our clients can not only be familiar with and master the use and maintenance of the equipment, but master the technological performance of the equipment, jointly develop and develop new products, and explore potential application fields.

Laser principle training
System training
Equipment knowledge training
Key training of core components
Operation skill training
Installation and debugging training
Fault detection training
Maintenance knowledge training
Accessories installation training
Material processing technology training