WG-HG Laser 10KW power laser cladding equipment coming!

Work efficiency and Production cost determines development of an enterprise ang income. In order to solve the failure beacause of mechanical equipment parts, due to slowed production rhythm, problems of project delay and so on, WG-HG LASER lanch localization 10KW power laser cladding (repair) equipment, equipment maintenance is fast simple, lower cost, and can be efficiently repair of equipment parts manufacturing.

Laser surface Remanufacture (cladding/repair), which use high-energy laser as a heat source, metal alloy powder as a welding material, through laser synchronization with alloy powder on the metal surface rapidly melting pool formation, and rapid solidification of dense, uniform and controllable metallurgical bonding layer thickness, achieve to strengthen the life extension repair of workpiece surface size effect.

10KW power laser cladding  equipment
10KW power  laser cladding equipment

Use Domestic laser machine, robot and control system are adopted to form a flexible processing system with multiple additional shafts (According to actual situation such as auxiliary equipment 、autciliary axle and so on )can be customized according to the actual working conditions) to meet the advanced manufacturing process requirements of laser surface remanufacturing (cladding/repair) of metal workpiece surface.

The process parameters

The power range of the 10kw laser cladding equipment is from 10,000W-15000W, the light spot range is from 10-20mm, the efficiency is 0.65㎡/h-1.25㎡/h, and the cladding layer thickness is 0.5-3mm.

laser cladding

Advantage :

1. High efficiency: High cladding efficiency,which is suitable for repairing and remanufacturing large-area and bulk products.

2. Reduce cost: the equipment purchase and maintenance cost are lower, and the price of core light source is more than 30% lower than similar imported products.

3. Improve the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the workpiece: the high-performance cladding layer can be selectively prepared on the cheap and easily machined matrix surface, and the composition and performance of the cladding layer are rarely diluted by the composition of the matrix material. The resulting cladding layer has finer grain, denser structure, higher hardness, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

4. No damage to the base material: the cooling rate is up to 10^6℃/S, the heat affected area is small, the deformation is small, the dilution rate is ≤5-8%.

5. Energy-saving environmental protection: The process can be programmed and controlled, easy to realize automation, pollution-free to the environment, low noise, comfortable working conditions.

Application Area:

Laser surface remanufacturing (cladding/repair) is widely used in the mechanical equipment industry. Not only to repair and remanufacture the outer surface of shaft, rotor, gear, etc., but also repair the inner hole of oil cylinder, steel bushing, bearing sleeve, gear ring, etc.

Long axis laser claddingLong axis laser cladding
WG-HG laser 10kw high-efficiency laser cladding (repair) equipment, work more efficient, greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, for the production of enterprises.

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