New products, WG-HG LASER backpack laser cleaning machine will comming

In order to meet the customers' demand, such as high-altitude work, outdoor work, narrow space etc.Our company rolled out the backpack laser cleaning machine.
Laser cleaning technology refers to using high-energy pulse laser beam to irradiate the workpiece surface, making the dirt, rust spots, particles or coating on the surface evaporate or dilatometri stripping,in order to achieve the process cleaning.
Laser cleaning has the characteristics of clean, reliable, cost-effective, environmental protection and energy saving. It will be widely used in aerospace laser oxide removal, mold industry surface de gelling oil, microelectronics industry laser dust removal oxide skin, automobile manufacturing industry paint, cultural relics laser dust removal mold, and weld laser cleaning.etc

Product  Parameter:
Item Parammeter
size(length*width*height) 460mm*260mm*455mm
controller case weight 10KG
Handle laser emitter 3KG
focal length 300mm
scanning width 10-100mm(adjustable)
Output fiber length 3m
Rated power 600W
Working power AC220V  50/60HZ  5A

Laser removal of automotive parts


Axis laser derusting


Laser paint removal


Laser degreasing


Laser cleaning of serrated welds


Jaw laser rust removal


Laser cleaning machine

Product Advantage: 
1. Simple operation: one-button operation, power can be used.
2. Lightweight: suitable for high-altitude work, outdoor work, narrow space and other traditional laser cleaning machine can not reach the parts, anywhere need to work.
 3. Mobile and portable: The device comes with shoulder straps and pulleys and is very portable. 
4. High Efficiency cleaning: high cleaning efficiency, save time. 
5. Non-Contact: Laser cleaning without grinding, non-contact, will not cause damage to the substrate. 
6. Pollution-free: Laser cleaning without the use of chemical agents. no pollution for circumstance

Backpack laser cleaning machine is widely used in laser cleaning process such as laser oil removal, laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser zinc removal, laser film removal, laser coating removal, etc. widely used in aerospace, mold, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical, cultural heritage protection, military and other fields.
Auto  parts  laser  oil  removal, 
Laser cleaning  of  serrated  welds
Laser  paint  removal  for  auto  parts 
Laser  cleaning  of  jaws, 
Titanium  plate laser removal oxide layer, 
Axial  laser  derusting

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