Laser technology helps the development of new green industry

With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, the application scale of various mechanical and electronic products has grown greatly. However, the environmental problems brought by industrial development have become an obstacle to people's healthy life. With the introduction of relevant policies, green environmental protection has become an important constraint of industrial development, and laser technology with unique advantages in environmental protection has ushered in a new development opportunity.

WISCO-HGlaser, a high-tech company dedicated to providing laser surface treatment and re-manufacturing technology systems and solutions, brought two main products, laser cladding and laser cleaning, at the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA held from March 20 to March 22. The cladding product line of WISCO-HGlaser includes traditional cladding, wide-band cladding and ultra-high speed cladding. After continuous adjustment and optimization of equipment and process, the efficiency of ultra-high speed cladding is nearly 70 times higher than that of traditional cladding, which is a highlight of new products of WISCO-HGlaser. The second generation laser cleaning equipment brought by WISCO-HGlaser is 20-30% smaller than that of the previous generation in volume, which not only enhances the portability, but also greatly improves the cleaning efficiency by improving the process, and is suitable for more working conditions.

Liu Jie, general manager of WISCO-HGlaser, said in an interview with OFweek laser network: "the State advocates the development of new industries with green and environmental protection, and laser processing is the leading direction to promote green and environmental protection, efficient processing and intelligent manufacturing. Owing to the requirements for green environmental protection and efficient processing, the industrial market is more demanding for equipment and supporting processes, which also leads to the overall rising trend of all kinds of laser industry, and the overall market capacity is larger. " Moreover, laser additive manufacturing and surface treatment need to have a very deep and detailed systematic research and control on the relationship between material composition, laser light source, laser power, time and speed, mathematical model, automatic control, etc. and relatively high technical threshold, bringing a promising technical development prospect. Through years of independent research and development, WISCO-HGlaser has developed four product lines, i.e. additive, reinforcement, texturing and cleaning, and its market scale ranks first among domestic similar enterprises.

Compared with additive manufacturing technology, the entry threshold of laser cleaning market is relatively low. On the one hand, the laser cleaning market has developed rapidly in recent years, on the other hand, the low-end market is highly competitive and homogenized. Liu Jie thinks: "practitioners and investors should be aware of the applicability of laser cleaning technology, and correctly master and use laser cleaning technology. For some industries, laser cleaning can replace manual cleaning and chemical cleaning, but we still need to pay attention to the development of core devices and the continuous improvement of technology level, and the laser cleaning technology is still in a forming period. As the earliest manufacturer and leader of laser cleaning equipment in China, WISCO-HGlaser focuses on guiding technological development and industry breakthrough. A special research group has been established for the development of laser cleaning technology, striving to break through more efficient laser cleaning equipment and technology and put them into the market in succession. " At present, after independent development, WISCO-HGlaser has formed a production capacity of 50W-1600W laser cleaning equipment full production line, and master all process parameters, which can meet the different needs of various clients.

Standard equipment of small power laser cleaning for WISCO-HGlaser

Before 2016, the industrial market did not pay enough attention to environmental protection. With the deepening implementation of the national environmental protection policy and the continuous recovery of the national economy, WISCO-HGlaser also brought gratifying performance growth. In 2018, the output and profit of WISCO-HGlaser doubled, and the original abundant production sites also faced the situation of "production can not catch up with the shipment". Expanding production capacity is a very important thing to WISCO-HGlaser at present.

Liu Jie said: "The development strategy of WISCO-HGlaser is very clear. We can design and manufacture many products in many fields, but we only focus on additive manufacturing and surface treatment to make it specialized and thorough. We will not blindly seek for greatness and perfection, respond to the call of the state, and let laser technology play the largest role in the green and environmental protection emerging industry, and become a leader in this industry."