Great news! WISCO-HGlaser took the lead in formulating the first national "CNC fiber laser disordered texturing machine" national standard

Recently, WISCO-HGlaser has taken the lead in formulating the national standard for "CNC fiber laser disordered texturing machine tool", which has been approved and released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the China National Standardization Management Committee and entered the announcement stage. Standard No.: GB/T 35356-2017, implemented on July 1, 2018.
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It is understood that the standard is under the leadership and guidance of the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for standardization of special processing machine tools, and with the active efforts of all members of the preparation team, after three years, it has finally been achieved. The issue of this standard solves and standardizes the problem that there is no national product standard for a long time before the roll laser disordered texturing equipment. It will play a good role in unifying and standardizing the precision inspection scale of similar products in China and improving the quality level of products.

With its leading technical position in the industry, WISCO-HGlaser takes the initiative to independently innovate and develop CNC laser disordered texturing machine tool, which can meet the production requirements of cold-rolled sheet steel and cold-rolled sheet steel in the iron and steel industry and the non-ferrous metal industry, and is suitable for the disordered texturing of the surface of working rolls of rolling mill, leveling machine and finishing machine. It has not only successfully solved the industry problems of laser texturing board surface quality (board surface stripe, reflection in a certain direction, etc.), but improved the impact of the textured board surface, enhanced the paint adhesion so that the texture of the textured board surface is similar to that of the electric spark and the overall product quality has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, 13 national patents have been applied in the research and development of this project, including 3 utility models and 9 inventions.
According to the actual development of the manufacturing technology of laser disordered texturing of roller in China, the successful implementation of the national standard GB/T 35356-2017 "CNC optical fiber laser disordered texturing machine tool" has a long-term strategic significance to meet the needs of China's economic development and improve the market competitiveness of the cold rolling industry. Moreover, it highlights that WISCO-HGlaser has solid technical strength and greatly improves the core competitiveness of the business market.

Introduction of equipment

The system is used for cold roll texturing and and meets the texturing requirements of various work rolls such as temper mill, finisher, rolling mill and tandem mill. With a high roller texturing efficiency, lifelong roller service, pollution-free laser texturing process and low noise, it is a new type of roller texturing technology and can replace the traditional shot blast texturing and EDM texturing. It has stable and reliable equipment and process, simple operation, high processing quality, good repeatability of laser texturing process, controllable texturing morphology, realizing disordered texturing, and meeting the needs of a variety of surface morphology. It is widely used in steel, aluminum, titanium and other industries.

Process introduction

The laser beam with high energy and high repetition frequency is focused on the roller surface to form a micro molten pool; the micro convex concave body is formed under the action of side blowing gas and centrifugal force, and the texturing lattice with high hardness is obtained by ultra fast cooling. It can make the roller after texturing have a high surface hardness, a controllable shape, and a long service life and improve the production efficiency of the rolling mill. The random signal is used to change the morphology and arrangement of the textured points randomly, so that the surface is of disordered pitted surface structure.

Surface magnification of laser disordered textured roll 200 times

200 times magnification of laser disordered texturing board

Laser-Cleaning,Great news! WISCO-HGlaser took the lead in formulating the first national "CNC fiber laser disordered texturing machine" national standard.