Advantages of laser cladding technology | laser cladding machine

Laser surface remanufacturing (cladding repair and additive manufacturing) uses high-energy laser as heat source and alloy powder as cladding material. The alloy powder acts on the workpiece surface synchronously by laser irradiation to form a molten pool, and then rapidly solidifies to form a dense, uniform and thickness controllable metallurgical bonding layer. The cladding layer has special physical, chemical and mechanical properties that can be modulated, So as to repair the surface size of the workpiece, strengthen and extend the service life. Laser cladding machine
Advantages of Technology
1) High performance cladding layer can be selectively prepared on cheap and easy to process substrate surface, and the composition and properties of cladding layer are rarely diluted by the matrix material composition.
2) When the cooling rate is as high as 10 ^ 6 ℃ / s, the microstructure of the cladding layer is finer, more compact, higher hardness, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
3) Laser processing is flexible and convenient to process parts (groove, inner hole wall, etc.) which are difficult to be processed by conventional methods. The movement precision is controllable and it is convenient to process complex contour surface. Selective accurate cladding repair can be realized with less subsequent processing.
4) Small heat affected zone, small deformation, dilution ratio ≤ 5%.
5) The thickness and shape of the cladding layer can be controlled accurately according to the requirements of working conditions, which can be combined with the base metal metallurgy.
6) The process is controllable, easy to realize automation, no pollution to the environment, low noise and comfortable working conditions.
7) It provides a new way for remanufacturing waste parts and prolonging their service life.