Advantages of automated laser cleaning and traditional cleaning methods

A century after Theodore Harold May became the world’s first ruby teacher, he could invent magical absorption in various fields. The application of laser technology in the fields of medicine, equipment manufacturing, painting and remanufacturing engineering, etc. The rapid development of science and technology has advanced the pace of social progress.

Automated laser cleaning refers to the use of high-frequency high-energy laser to irradiate stains, which can instantly absorb the surface finish and pollution layer, and use the energy of laser irradiation to instantly evaporate oil, rust or coating on the surface or remove the effective surface, and remove the additional surface at high speed Objects that are cleaned under the parameters of surface coating or surface coating with a short action time will not damage the metal foundation under appropriate circumstances.

Compared with the tracking tracking method, laser tracking has some advantages that the tracking tracking method cannot achieve. Tracking is a non-contact method of tracking, with little damage to the base frame, accurate segmentation, stability and automation characteristics, good tracking quality, high accuracy, and environmental protection. It is a "green" automated laser cleaning.