About the characteristics and classification of alloyed coating

Alloyed coating is a very common production process, but many people do not know the specific role of alloy coating on the understanding of alloy coating.

There are many types of alloyed coating, which can be divided into single alloy layered coatings, multi-layered coatings and new layered coatings.

1. Tools: drill bits, sparks, etc.

2. Wear-resistant tools, including various metal molds, punches, rolls, knives, etc.

The current material industry continues to insist on various problems, including the outstanding needs of users and the outstanding aspects of material properties that need to be solved. Coating is an effective means for these new problems. The impact of coating on the life of cemented carbide far exceeds the impact of matrix surgery on the life. The development direction of alloyed coating will be:

1. Reduce the coating process temperature

2. Enhance the bonding force of the mold base

3. Agreement materials for labor disputes

4. Simpler and easier to control coating process equipment