Application of industrial laser cleaning technology

Laser cleaning technology is the use of nanosecond level or picosecond pulse laser irradiation for cleaning the surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface absorb laser energy focus in an instant, to make rapaid increase plasma (Highly ironized unstable gas), the slag, dust, grease, rust stain on the surface of the coating, such as oxidation layer or film gasification or stripping, so as to efficiently remove attachments to clean surface.

Suitable substrate

In the field of industrial applications, laser cleaning object is divided into two parts of the base material and cleaning, and base material mainly include all kinds of metal, semiconductor chips, ceramics, magnetic materials, plastics and optical components such as material layer surface contamination, cleaning the content mainly includes industrial field oriented derusting, paint, oil removal, in addition to the film/slag oxidation layer and clean up resin, rubber, dust etc widely application requirements.

Advantages of laser cleaning

Now.Laser cleaning is widely used in mechanical cleaning method, chemical cleaning method and ultrasonic cleaning method, but in the environmental protection constraints and the requirements of the high precision market, its application is greatly limited. And laser cleaning machine in the industry application advantage is obvious.

1) Automatic production line: The laser cleaning machine can be integrated with CNC machine tools or robots to carry out remote control cleaning, which can realize the automation of equipment, form production line operation and intelligent operation.

2) Setting Accuracy: the optical fiber transmission is used to guide the laser to make it flexible, and the built-in scanning galvanometer is used to control the light spot for high-speed movement, which is convenient for non-contact laser cleaning of corners that are difficult to reach by traditional cleaning methods, such as irregular parts, holes and grooves.

3) No damage: A short time of impact will not make the metal surface warm, and there is no damage to the substrate.

4) Good stability: the pulse laser used in the laser cleaning machine has a long service life, usually up to 100,000 hours, stable quality, good reliability.

5)Environmental protection: There is no need for chemical cleaning agents to produce waste cleaning liquid. Pollutant particles and gases generated in the laser cleaning process can be simply collected and purified through a portable exhaust fan to avoid environmental pollution.

6) Low maintenance cost: there is no consumable material consumption during the use of the laser cleaning machine, and the operating cost is low. In the later stage, the lens only needs to be cleaned or replaced regularly, with low maintenance cost and close to no maintenance.

Application industry

Typical applications of laser cleaning include: die cleaning, industrial rust removal, paint removal and film layer, pre-treatment and post-treatment before welding, ester removal of precision parts, electronic components decontination oxidation layer, cultural relic cleaning, etc. Widely used in metallurgy, mold, automobile, hardware tools, transportation, construction appliances, machinery and other industries.

Car seat laser derusting

Roller blade laser deoiling

Hook laser paint removal

Aluminium plate laser paint removal

Die laser derusting

Laser degumming for tire molds

WG-HG Laser has launched a series of laser cleaning products with different power, efficiency and structure: low power (50-200W) laser cleaning machine, medium power (300-500W) laser cleaning machine, high power (800-1600W) clamping laser cleaning machine.

Medium or low power cleaning machine can be customized handheld and clamping, flexible cleaning, cleaning for different dirt, complex parts.

Low power (50-200W) Laser cleaner

Medium power (300-500W) Laser cleaner

High power clamping laser cleaning machine is suitable for mass production or large objects or large areas of the production environment of efficient equipment, more intelligent, efficient, production line stability, can form a product line work.

1600W automatic laser cleaning workstation

The whole set of laser cleaning equipment adopts non-standardized design, which can adapt to different places and meet the cleaning needs of different industries and working conditions. The long - term continuous operation of the laser ensures the stability and service life of the equipment.


New products, WG-HG LASER backpack laser cleaning machine will comming

In order to meet the customers' demand, such as high-altitude work, outdoor work, narrow space etc.Our company rolled out the backpack laser cleaning machine.
Laser cleaning technology refers to using high-energy pulse laser beam to irradiate the workpiece surface, making the dirt, rust spots, particles or coating on the surface evaporate or dilatometri stripping,in order to achieve the process cleaning.
Laser cleaning has the characteristics of clean, reliable, cost-effective, environmental protection and energy saving. It will be widely used in aerospace laser oxide removal, mold industry surface de gelling oil, microelectronics industry laser dust removal oxide skin, automobile manufacturing industry paint, cultural relics laser dust removal mold, and weld laser cleaning.etc

Product  Parameter:

Item Parammeter
size(length*width*height) 460mm*260mm*455mm
controller case weight 10KG
Handle laser emitter 3KG
focal length 300mm
scanning width 10-100mm(adjustable)
Output fiber length 3m
Rated power 600W
Working power AC220V  50/60HZ  5A

Laser removal of automotive parts

Axis laser derusting

Laser paint removal

Laser degreasing

Laser cleaning of serrated welds

Jaw laser rust removal

Laser cleaning machine

Product Advantage: 
1. Simple operation: one-button operation, power can be used.
2. Lightweight: suitable for high-altitude work, outdoor work, narrow space and other traditional laser cleaning machine can not reach the parts, anywhere need to work.
 3. Mobile and portable: The device comes with shoulder straps and pulleys and is very portable. 
4. High Efficiency cleaning: high cleaning efficiency, save time. 
5. Non-Contact: Laser cleaning without grinding, non-contact, will not cause damage to the substrate. 
6. Pollution-free: Laser cleaning without the use of chemical agents. no pollution for circumstance

Backpack laser cleaning machine is widely used in laser cleaning process such as laser oil removal, laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser zinc removal, laser film removal, laser coating removal, etc. widely used in aerospace, mold, microelectronics, construction, nuclear power plants, automobile manufacturing, medical, cultural heritage protection, military and other fields.
Auto  parts  laser  oil  removal, 
Laser cleaning  of  serrated  welds
Laser  paint  removal  for  auto  parts 
Laser  cleaning  of  jaws, 
Titanium  plate laser removal oxide layer, 
Axial  laser  derusting

New products  feedback  activity: 
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Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the appraisal meeting of "complete equipment and application of high power semiconductor laser re-manufacturing"

On December 19, 2018, China Machinery Industry Federation organized relevant experts to appraise the "complete set of high-power semiconductor laser re-manufacturing equipment and application" project jointly completed by Huazhong University of Science and Technology and WISCO-HGlaser. Professor Zhang Xinliang, vice president of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Ma Rong, director of the Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Office of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Liu Jie, general manager of WISCO-HGlaser and other leaders attended the meeting. The appraisal meeting was presided over by Ma Jingkun, director of China Machinery Industry Federation, and academician Zhou shouhuan.

A group photo of the appraisal committee at the school of optoelectronics, Huazhong University

After Prof. Tang Xiahui, deputy director of the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, led the research and development report and other reports in the School of Optics and Electronic Information of Huazhong University of Science and Technology at 9:00 a.m., Zhou Shouheng and his delegation immediately inspected the equipment production base, accompanied by the leader of WISCO-HGlaser with enthusiasm, to learn more about the Company's industrial layout and project operation.
Prof. Tang Xiahui's research report

Appraisal Committee visited the process center

The Appraisal Committee visited the laser production base of WISCO-HGlaser

At the appraisal meeting, experts pointed out that the project of "complete set of high-power semiconductor laser re-manufacturing equipment and application" has achieved important innovative results with independent intellectual property rights, which is of great significance to the improvement of the design and manufacturing level of major equipment for independent re-manufacturing in China. The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the project passed the appraisal, and believed that its overall technology reached the international advanced level, and proposed to further increase the promotion and application of the project results.

Appraisal committee makes professional comments for the project

Photo of academician Zhou Shouheng and Liu Jie, general manager of Huagong laser of WISCO-HGlaser

WISCO-HGlaser has benefited a lot in the project appraisal meeting. We will adhere to the concept of green intelligent manufacturing, strive to advance towards the forefront of the industry step by step through continuous efforts and surpassing, and strive for a greater glory of manufacturing.

Laser technology helps the development of new green industry

With the rapid development of manufacturing industry, the application scale of various mechanical and electronic products has grown greatly. However, the environmental problems brought by industrial development have become an obstacle to people's healthy life. With the introduction of relevant policies, green environmental protection has become an important constraint of industrial development, and laser technology with unique advantages in environmental protection has ushered in a new development opportunity.

WISCO-HGlaser, a high-tech company dedicated to providing laser surface treatment and re-manufacturing technology systems and solutions, brought two main products, laser cladding and laser cleaning, at the LASER World of PHOTONICS CHINA held from March 20 to March 22. The cladding product line of WISCO-HGlaser includes traditional cladding, wide-band cladding and ultra-high speed cladding. After continuous adjustment and optimization of equipment and process, the efficiency of ultra-high speed cladding is nearly 70 times higher than that of traditional cladding, which is a highlight of new products of WISCO-HGlaser. The second generation laser cleaning equipment brought by WISCO-HGlaser is 20-30% smaller than that of the previous generation in volume, which not only enhances the portability, but also greatly improves the cleaning efficiency by improving the process, and is suitable for more working conditions.

Liu Jie, general manager of WISCO-HGlaser, said in an interview with OFweek laser network: "the State advocates the development of new industries with green and environmental protection, and laser processing is the leading direction to promote green and environmental protection, efficient processing and intelligent manufacturing. Owing to the requirements for green environmental protection and efficient processing, the industrial market is more demanding for equipment and supporting processes, which also leads to the overall rising trend of all kinds of laser industry, and the overall market capacity is larger. " Moreover, laser additive manufacturing and surface treatment need to have a very deep and detailed systematic research and control on the relationship between material composition, laser light source, laser power, time and speed, mathematical model, automatic control, etc. and relatively high technical threshold, bringing a promising technical development prospect. Through years of independent research and development, WISCO-HGlaser has developed four product lines, i.e. additive, reinforcement, texturing and cleaning, and its market scale ranks first among domestic similar enterprises.

Compared with additive manufacturing technology, the entry threshold of laser cleaning market is relatively low. On the one hand, the laser cleaning market has developed rapidly in recent years, on the other hand, the low-end market is highly competitive and homogenized. Liu Jie thinks: "practitioners and investors should be aware of the applicability of laser cleaning technology, and correctly master and use laser cleaning technology. For some industries, laser cleaning can replace manual cleaning and chemical cleaning, but we still need to pay attention to the development of core devices and the continuous improvement of technology level, and the laser cleaning technology is still in a forming period. As the earliest manufacturer and leader of laser cleaning equipment in China, WISCO-HGlaser focuses on guiding technological development and industry breakthrough. A special research group has been established for the development of laser cleaning technology, striving to break through more efficient laser cleaning equipment and technology and put them into the market in succession. " At present, after independent development, WISCO-HGlaser has formed a production capacity of 50W-1600W laser cleaning equipment full production line, and master all process parameters, which can meet the different needs of various clients.

Standard equipment of small power laser cleaning for WISCO-HGlaser

Before 2016, the industrial market did not pay enough attention to environmental protection. With the deepening implementation of the national environmental protection policy and the continuous recovery of the national economy, WISCO-HGlaser also brought gratifying performance growth. In 2018, the output and profit of WISCO-HGlaser doubled, and the original abundant production sites also faced the situation of "production can not catch up with the shipment". Expanding production capacity is a very important thing to WISCO-HGlaser at present.

Liu Jie said: "The development strategy of WISCO-HGlaser is very clear. We can design and manufacture many products in many fields, but we only focus on additive manufacturing and surface treatment to make it specialized and thorough. We will not blindly seek for greatness and perfection, respond to the call of the state, and let laser technology play the largest role in the green and environmental protection emerging industry, and become a leader in this industry."

Great news! WISCO-HGlaser took the lead in formulating the first national "CNC fiber laser disordered texturing machine" national standard

Recently, WISCO-HGlaser has taken the lead in formulating the national standard for "CNC fiber laser disordered texturing machine tool", which has been approved and released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision and the China National Standardization Management Committee and entered the announcement stage. Standard No.: GB/T 35356-2017, implemented on July 1, 2018.
(selected from China standard online service network)

It is understood that the standard is under the leadership and guidance of the Secretariat of the National Technical Committee for standardization of special processing machine tools, and with the active efforts of all members of the preparation team, after three years, it has finally been achieved. The issue of this standard solves and standardizes the problem that there is no national product standard for a long time before the roll laser disordered texturing equipment. It will play a good role in unifying and standardizing the precision inspection scale of similar products in China and improving the quality level of products.

With its leading technical position in the industry, WISCO-HGlaser takes the initiative to independently innovate and develop CNC laser disordered texturing machine tool, which can meet the production requirements of cold-rolled sheet steel and cold-rolled sheet steel in the iron and steel industry and the non-ferrous metal industry, and is suitable for the disordered texturing of the surface of working rolls of rolling mill, leveling machine and finishing machine. It has not only successfully solved the industry problems of laser texturing board surface quality (board surface stripe, reflection in a certain direction, etc.), but improved the impact of the textured board surface, enhanced the paint adhesion so that the texture of the textured board surface is similar to that of the electric spark and the overall product quality has reached the international advanced level. At the same time, 13 national patents have been applied in the research and development of this project, including 3 utility models and 9 inventions.
According to the actual development of the manufacturing technology of laser disordered texturing of roller in China, the successful implementation of the national standard GB/T 35356-2017 "CNC optical fiber laser disordered texturing machine tool" has a long-term strategic significance to meet the needs of China's economic development and improve the market competitiveness of the cold rolling industry. Moreover, it highlights that WISCO-HGlaser has solid technical strength and greatly improves the core competitiveness of the business market.

Introduction of equipment

The system is used for cold roll texturing and and meets the texturing requirements of various work rolls such as temper mill, finisher, rolling mill and tandem mill. With a high roller texturing efficiency, lifelong roller service, pollution-free laser texturing process and low noise, it is a new type of roller texturing technology and can replace the traditional shot blast texturing and EDM texturing. It has stable and reliable equipment and process, simple operation, high processing quality, good repeatability of laser texturing process, controllable texturing morphology, realizing disordered texturing, and meeting the needs of a variety of surface morphology. It is widely used in steel, aluminum, titanium and other industries.

Process introduction

The laser beam with high energy and high repetition frequency is focused on the roller surface to form a micro molten pool; the micro convex concave body is formed under the action of side blowing gas and centrifugal force, and the texturing lattice with high hardness is obtained by ultra fast cooling. It can make the roller after texturing have a high surface hardness, a controllable shape, and a long service life and improve the production efficiency of the rolling mill. The random signal is used to change the morphology and arrangement of the textured points randomly, so that the surface is of disordered pitted surface structure.

Surface magnification of laser disordered textured roll 200 times

200 times magnification of laser disordered texturing board

Leaders of China Baowu Group visited WISCO-HGlaser for investigation

On November 8, Hou Angui, assistant general manager of Baowu Group of iron and Steel Group, Hu Yuliang and along with his delegation visited Wuhan WISCO-HGlaser for investigation. Gao Bo, general manager of planning and Development Department of WISCO, song Shiwei, general manager of WISCO engineering technology group and Xia Hanming, Secretary of the Party committee accompanied the inspection. Liu Jie, general manager of WISCO-HGlaser, led the team to give a warm reception.

Hou Angui, Hu Yuliang along with his delegation visited the national laser application technology center, large laser surface treatment and re-manufacturing equipment production base of WISCO-HGlaser, and got a deep understanding of the Company's industrial layout and product technology innovation and research and development. In view of the main business of laser re-manufacturing / laser cladding, laser 3D printing, laser quenching, laser disordered texturing of rolls, laser cleaning and other equipment, as well as the application in iron and steel metallurgy, mining machinery, petroleum and petrochemical, automobile, hardware tools, military industry, machinery, ship, aerospace and other industries, the company has conducted in-depth exchanges with the management and technical experts. Hou anguui and Hu Yuliang watched the whole process of laser quenching in the flexible processing system of semiconductor laser robot, and inquired about the equipment composition and core technology principle in detail, as well as the achievements and effectiveness of the technology in the field of industrial manufacturing.

Hou Angui, Hu Yuliang and other leaders fully affirmed the surface treatment, re-manufacturing and other technologies, as well as the R&D and promotion of new products of WISCO-HGlaser, and placed great hopes. Hou Angui expressed that he strongly supported the development of Baowu Group's laser processing market explored by WISCO-HGlaser, and put forward valuable opinions on jointly cultivating and building a new type of laser processing service industry.